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Cellar caning16:50Cellar caning
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30 with the cane on the calves - Calf Caning0:3030 with the cane on the calves -..
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She get's a caning4:00She get's a caning
Kitchen Caning for girlfriend8:39Kitchen Caning for girlfriend
Extreme caning session32:24Extreme caning session
Freaks of Nature 146 Heavy Caning for Ballet Girls23:56Freaks of Nature 146 Heavy Caning..
Just caning7:41Just caning
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Judicial Caning #252:57Judicial Caning #2
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caning is part of the test16:09caning is part of the test
Euro Mistress, Long Hard Caning FM4:55Euro Mistress, Long Hard Caning FM
Ice Cold Caning3:00Ice Cold Caning
Vintage Caning 031302:00Vintage Caning 03130
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Bedroom Caning4:26Bedroom Caning
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Lesbian Caning3:43Lesbian Caning
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OWK FM Caning5:10OWK FM Caning
Spanking Caning - Jeans and Bare Bottom8:13Spanking Caning - Jeans and Bare..
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ass whipping and caning POV5:20ass whipping and caning POV
Little Sunshine MILF Doggy Caning with a large Butt Plug5:13Little Sunshine MILF Doggy Caning..
Female Hard Bare Ass Caning0:27Female Hard Bare Ass Caning
Nice Caning5:39Nice Caning
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The Caning of Lynn Casey2:36The Caning of Lynn Casey
20 minutes of extreme man caning19:1120 minutes of extreme man caning
Clamped labia and caning2:06Clamped labia and caning
ExNun Waxing Caning Buffing Cruxifixion (overhead view)11:30ExNun Waxing Caning Buffing..
caning this slave girlvery hard-she cries5:37caning this slave girlvery..
Caning 110:46Caning 1
Another good caning...6:22Another good caning...
Caning Her Back Spanking Tits 18:14Caning Her Back Spanking Tits 1
Caning - light cane4:17Caning - light cane
Hungarian Caning Audition10:11Hungarian Caning Audition
BDSM Vintage Caning0:53BDSM Vintage Caning
Hard caning with a great cane1:42Hard caning with a great cane
CANING -- mfl8:47CANING -- mfl
Wild Africa Caning - First Time Offender 214:05Wild Africa Caning - First Time..
Caning & Dildo7:15Caning & Dildo
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Brutale Caning4:46Brutale Caning
Lisas amateur spanking and rigid caning of chubby slaveslut11:48Lisas amateur spanking and rigid..
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Voluntary caning for Miss Smith6:28Voluntary caning for Miss Smith
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Bamboo caning party7:17Bamboo caning party
Merciless Lady Victoria - Caning, Whipping, Bastinado2:35Merciless Lady Victoria - Caning,..
Brutal SM Premiere Soumission   French Mf Whipping caning1:46:56Brutal SM Premiere Soumission..
Dominatrix In Extreme Caning And Bondage6:00Dominatrix In Extreme Caning And..
Wild Africa Canings:  Female Prison Punishment26:25Wild Africa Canings: Female..
Cruel Canings45:19Cruel Canings
Lesbian Whipping And Caning13:11Lesbian Whipping And Caning
caning ass on the floor0:42caning ass on the floor
FM Caning0:42FM Caning
Caning Blonde Slave Harsh0:54Caning Blonde Slave Harsh
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Vintage Caning 031701:50Vintage Caning 03170
German Mistress, Hard Caning and Strapping FM8:00German Mistress, Hard Caning and..
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A Caning for Penny10:12A Caning for Penny
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Vintage Caning 010003:04Vintage Caning 01000
Caning a Chinese girl6:02Caning a Chinese girl
Punishment Room Double Caning10:58Punishment Room Double Caning
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Vintage Caning 031401:58Vintage Caning 03140


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